Why Is The Military Having Trouble Finding Eligible Recruits?

It’s clear that a strong modern military relies on a combination of superior defensive technologies and a well-trained, able-bodied fighting force. While it a continuous challenge to keep up with advancing technology and gaining the funding that makes it possible, there’s another national issue that could be hurting our military capabilities: the growing population of young Americans that are obese. A new report has shown that a third of U.S. adults are not eligible for military recruiting due to their weight. Now, a group of retired military leaders are treating America’s health issues as military readiness issues.

A Third Of US Young Adults Not Eligible For Military Recruiting Due To Obesity | Tech Times

 militaryImage Source: Tech Times

“’We think a more healthy lifestyle over the long term will have significant impacts on both the military posture – those available to get into the military – and across our society as a whole from a medical perspective,’ said retired Brigadier Gen. John Schmader, who is part of the group of retired military leaders who go to school around Kansas to promote healthier lifestyles. The group known as Mission: Readiness (Military Leaders for Kids) promotes healthy school lunches across the nation particularly in Kansas as a way to help fight the obesity problem.”

What are your thoughts on this issue and how it’s affecting the military? What should more organizations and individuals be doing to address this issue? Tell us what you think in the comments.

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