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Clear communication is imperative whether you are out in the field or indoors. A proper military headset can make a difference in that communication. If there is the slightest distortion within the military headset, orders can be misunderstood. An inefficient military headset can lead to a disastrous situation in this instance. You need a military headset that can withstand constant use with great durability. The last thing you need is a military headset suffering a failure at the most inopportune time.

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What We Offer Our Clients
We offer a military headset that is examined with extensive state-of-the-art audio and electrical testing equipment. From military radio headsets to SWAT and noise reduction headsets, our products are engineered for quality. Our military headset development has been audited, and we are a registered ISO 9001/2008 company. This means our military headset product line meets military quality standards.

Our engineers have developed a line of tactical communications equipment such as headsets, military radio headsets and noise reduction headsets that can be utilized in a wide variety of situations. Whether your team is using our units for stealth, covert operations or communicating during a firefight, our military headset design may help accomplish your goals. With a variety of switches and control assemblies, the military headset can meet your needs for communication.

As many of our military headset designs provide earphone sensitivity less than 105 dB, our military, tactical and noise reduction headsets provide a safe environment to protect the hearing of the wearer. The military headset can be audible enough to hear commands and communication during loud situations but still low enough to prevent physical pain. As we support a variety of additions to the military headset, you may find alternatives to your current units that are more efficient using our military headset designs.



Our Target Market
Our focus is organizations that require the use of tactical headsets and various radio headsets for direct communication. The military headset can be used in a variety of situations, such as for SWAT teams or covert beach landings. Tactical headsets can be used to instruct and communicate directly to accomplish virtually any task. Some tactical headsets are also capable of being submerged for up to 3 meters. When you need a military headset for communication with your team, you may find our military radio headsets useful.

The military headset doesn’t have to be strictly for military operations. Our noise reduction headsets and tactical headsets can be used in fire departments and other team communication settings. This includes military aviation needs as our military radio headsets have excellent sensitivity and microphone impedance. These units allow a comfortable and clear communication whether you utilize noise reduction headsets or noise canceling units.

Commercial and private Aviation platforms may benefit from the use of our military headset as well. Heavy duty and vehicle noise reduction headsets may be adopted by aerial organizations, pilots and instructional applications. The military radio and noise reduction headsets could be incorporated into aircraft designs or as replacements for other units. Our military headset developments can be implemented as long as you have the right receivers and adapters.

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Why Purchase from Us?
Our military radio headsets are put through a grueling examination for an enhanced quality. The development of the military headset also allows it to be customized to fit your needs. Our military radio headsets as well as other communication equipment can be altered from the mold to the coil winding to provide you with a customized military headset perfect for your requirements.

We provide military headset adapters and cable cords for your convenience. This may alleviate concerns about matching a military headset to your platform while offering methods for replacement and repair. If your military headset requires a longer cord, we also offer extensions for our military headset products.

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How Versatile Are Our Tactical Headsets?
We have a variety of lightweight devices that can be easily worn in many different situations. Our tactical headsets have been designed to work both in and out of the water, making the tactical headsets ideal for rivers, lakes and beaches.

When it comes to water, our tactical headsets can be immersed for up to six hours at 3 meters. These military radio headsets only weigh 292 grams and can operate as noise reduction headsets.

Can Your Products Work as SWAT Headsets?
Whether it’s a military operation or involving law enforcement, our military headset products can easily be adapted for various purposes. For instance, our tactical headsets are lightweight and fit snugly around the head, allowing for virtually any headgear to be worn.

As the earpiece is woven into the headband itself, our SWAT headsets are less bulky, allowing for range of movement. As a military headset with a microphone, the unit has a sensitivity to minus 62 dB. These units can easily be used as SWAT headsets due to their microphone and earphone sensitivity.

When it comes to SWAT headsets, our tactical designs and functionality provide a great deal of performance. Some of these SWAT headsets are equipped with low-profile, adjustable, goose-neck boom microphones providing a nearly universal fit for those wearing SWAT headsets.

With an earphone distortion of less than 5 percent, these SWAT headsets can relay clear communication. With rugged durability, the SWAT headsets can take a great deal of abuse before failure. As some units are designed with noise cancellation, they may work more efficiently than other noise reduction headsets.

How Sensitive are the Military Headset Microphones?
Many of the headsets we develop offer noise reduction or noise canceling. This allows the military headset to provide a clear mode of communication. Our military radio headsets offer a microphone sensitivity at minus 56 dB. As the microphone frequency response of military radio headsets ranges between 300 and 3,500 Hz, communication with the wearer of the military headset is clear and precise.