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Clear and concise communications are essential for any military activity, which is why our team at C J Component Products offers military handset systems that exceed our customers’ highest expectations. The goal of our company is to provide exceptional quality of military handset equipment and unparalleled customer service to all of our clients.

We’ve created a wide range of military handset products. The military handset systems we produce are used by U.S. servicemen around the world in a variety of settings and environments. If you need a military handset for communications with nearby or far-off colleagues, our military handset systems are the right choice for your squadron’s needs.

What We Offer

We proudly design, engineer, develop, manufacture and distribute a wide variety of military handset equipment to the Armed Forces of the United States. Our military handset product lines include the H-250 Handset, H-350 Handset, H-189 Handset and the AN/PRC-77 Handset. Each of our military handset product lines offers unique features and benefits for your field operations.

From small units that operate with extraordinary ease and consistency to a larger military handset that has a long field life, we’ll help you find the system that works best for your situation. Our H-250 Handset features a dynamic microphone with noise cancellation and a proprietary PTT bezel with no exposed metal parts.

The H-350 Handset provides six pin contacts and an added capability for an open microphone. The H-189 Handset provides servicemen and women with an easy-to-repair unit with the same product specifications as our H-250 handset. Our AN/PRC-77 handset includes parts for the repair and maintenance of the RT-841/PRC-77 military handset.


Our Market

We supply our high-tech military handset equipment to every branch of the Armed Forces. The market for our military handset systems includes both national and overseas operations. Service members of the Armed Forces use our military handset equipment for training operations, in war time, in peace time and in SWAT operations.

Our primary buyers are the U.S. Armed Forces as well as state and local law enforcement organizations. We’re dedicated to providing durable, resilient and reliable military handset systems so that members of the military can communicate with ease. Members of the U.S. Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Air Force, Marines and National Guard have used our military handset equipment in multiple applications.

Our military handset systems have also been used by field operations units of other agencies such as state and local law enforcement. If you have any questions about our military handset equipment, you can search on our website for product specifications.

Our technical sales staff and engineers are available to answer any questions you submit to us through our online contact form. You can also call and speak with us at any time about any of your questions and military handset product-related inquiries. We welcome all your questions and aim to provide you with a prompt, accurate and thorough response.


Why Purchase From Us

We believe in providing trustworthy, dependable and high-quality military handset systems and tactical communications for the protection of the men and women who serve our country. Our goal is to produce top-notch equipment to satisfy all of your needs for military handset systems. With the H-250 Handset, H-350 Handset, H-189 Handset and the AN/PRC-77 Handset, we aim to exceed your expectations for military handset communications systems.

We maintain a vast inventory of all product lines including the H-250 Handset, H-350 Handset, H-189 Handset and the AN/PRC-77 Handset. If you need a military handset that isn’t in stock or with additional features, our design team and production specialists will work with your staff engineers and communications specialists to build a military handset that meets your needs.

In addition to our high-quality products, we also offer exemplary customer service and technical support. Our technicians are always available to provide guidance and assistance with the military handset systems we manufacture and distribute.

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More Information

Our technical sales staff and customer support team are always available to answer your questions about all our military handset products. If you have specific questions about our H-250 Handset, H-350 Handset, H-189 Handset and the AN/PRC-77 Handset, you can contact us at any time. For your convenience, we’ve answered some of our most frequent military handset questions below.

What Are the Benefits of a Telephone Handset?

Our telephone handset systems are an excellent choice for field communications. The members of your squadron can utilize any of the H-250 Handset, H-350 Handset, H-189 Handset or AN/PRC-77 Handset product lines for communicating within the team and use one of our telephone handset systems for communicating with superiors and supervisors outside of the area. If used alongside our AN/PRC-77 Handset, you’ll be able to make repairs in the event that the electronic components within the device ever become damaged.

Operation Enduring Freedom

How to Select the Best Military Headset

With so many military headset options, it can be a challenge to know which one will best suit your needs. Consider whether you need the headset to mate with the military handset you already have.

Our H-250 Handset, H-350 Handset, H-189 Handset and AN/PRC-77 Handset systems have coordinating accessories and repair modules. Our noise reduction headsets work well with military handset systems. Our tactical headsets and vehicular headsets are also excellent choices, and each headset maps to one of our military handset options.

What Are the Advantages of a Military Radio Handset?

A military radio handset allows you and your team to communicate efficiently and with high reliability. When background noise makes face-to-face communication difficult, the H-350 Handset or the H-189 Handset offer high performance even in harsh environments. Our military radio handset systems include vehicular intercoms and standard handset units.