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At CJ Components, we believe in focusing on quality communications equipment, like loudspeakers and military amplified loudspeakers. There is no substitute for quality military loudspeakers, and it is essential that the military has top-of-the-line equipment that works the first time, every time. You will appreciate the value of customized military loudspeakers in any situation.

What We Offer
Our business is based on supplying military loudspeakers and SWAT loudspeakers to the professionals who need them. If you require loudspeakers for your facility or have a connection to a local law enforcement facility that needs loudspeakers, we have a variety of loudspeakers flexible enough for any budget that meet the specifications for military amplified loudspeakers.

We have a variety of other communication aids in addition to loudspeakers, like mobile handsets, headsets and radios. Because of how similar loudspeakers are to these other products, it makes sense that we have SWAT loudspeakers and customized military loudspeakers as well. In situations where loudspeakers are needed, there is no good substitute.

Our Market
If you are involved in International Security, you know how valuable good loudspeakers can be. When attached to a vehicle, customized military loudspeakers make it easy for security teams to announce their presence. Our loudspeakers give military and security professionals a chance to communicate with people in the community from the safety of a vehicle. Sometimes, communication is not necessarily the goal, and SWAT loudspeakers are used as a component of a psychological warfare campaign.

$115 Million

Why Purchase From Us
We started making loudspeakers, especially military amplified loudspeakers, because we believed that we could make a superior product at an affordable price. Loudspeakers might not be the first thing that people think of when they talk about military equipment, but military loudspeakers are crucial for safety in certain situations.

We believe our military should have the best available gear and customized military loudspeakers and tactical communications equipment. Since we specialize in loudspeakers as well as handsets for radios and mobile communications, it seems like a natural fit.

The military, law enforcement, security professionals, and federal agents will all have a need for loudspeakers in certain situations. This is no time to wonder if the loudspeakers will work or if the military amplified loudspeakers will be loud enough. Our military loudspeakers are of the highest quality and are reliable and dependable. In situations where local law enforcement has to take action, everything must work perfectly, including SWAT loudspeakers.

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Using Loudspeakers for Vehicular Radio Systems Effectively
We offer military amplified loudspeakers that are particularly effective when mounted on the outside of a vehicle. Anyone who needs to travel into a dangerous area will appreciate having military amplified loudspeakers to communicate with people outside of the vehicle.

Being inside a vehicle is a tactical advantage, and getting out to contact locals is often a bad idea. This is where military amplified loudspeakers have been a valuable resource for a long period of time.

The benefits of military amplified loudspeakers are that they help keep people safe. Patrols through dangerous territory can use the loudspeakers to address suspicious people while making sure to keep a safe distance away. The loudspeakers will also be the best way to make announcements to a neighborhood as the patrol drives through with personnel safely inside.

Patrolling the Streets
Another feature of military loudspeakers is that they can be easily connected to a vehicle’s radio. The proprietary connectors on the military loudspeakers simply plug in without any complicated interface.

The flexibility of this feature means military loudspeakers can be changed to other systems easily. If you do not want to use the radio to broadcast over the loudspeakers, they can be hooked up to a handset or microphone to make announcements.

This means there is no need for extra military loudspeakers or other equipment. Single customized military loudspeakers can be used for a variety of purposes when it is necessary to use volume to communicate with others. Whether it s to contact people outside of the vehicle or inside of a building, loudspeakers are invaluable.

Special Weapons and Tactics
Using customized military loudspeakers is part of certain law enforcement tactics. Hostage situations present special challenges for communicating, which is where SWAT loudspeakers are effective. SWAT loudspeakers will help get information to criminals and victims in ways that otherwise would not be possible.

Law enforcement could make telephone contact, but SWAT loudspeakers will let everyone involved know how law enforcement is negotiating. The benefits of SWAT loudspeakers is that they are a key tool for making contact and getting vital information to those who might be isolated.

These customized military loudspeakers are a powerful resource in a variety of ways. Since every tool that can possibly be used needs to be made available, loudspeakers should be an element of every special unit. Loudspeakers will help relay information to allies who are cut off from other forms of communication. Sometimes, the only way to reach those who are isolated or detained is with loudspeakers.

Quality and Value
Our loudspeakers are designed with quality in mind. They are made to meet the military’s requirements for loudspeakers. We want to support those who serve by giving them functional and flexible loudspeakers. As customized military loudspeakers, they will meet the needs of any tactical force, including private security and police forces. Investing in our loudspeakers is a smart choice for any organization that values quality and reliability.

Wrap Up
If you need loudspeakers, we have what you are looking for. Loudspeakers can be part of a comprehensive communications package or a standalone solution. Our inventory includes loudspeakers made to meet military specifications. Check out our selection of loudspeakers to get the right gear.