Is The New Military Putting Too Much Emphasis On Technology?

Is The New Military Putting Too Much Emphasis On Technology?

We continuously hear about the importance of advancing military technology and the potential consequences of losing a technological lead in the global defense race. However, too much emphasis and reliance on technology, at the cost of the human role in the military could be a serious folly.

U.S. Lt. Gen. HR McMaster warned of this at a conference of British defense chief in London. As growing military spending limits and cuts to manpower and womanpower remain an issue in the U.S. and the UK, are our allies and we risking the strength of our forces by focusing too much on technological tradeoff?

US general warns UK of danger of putting technology over manpower | Financial Times

Image Source: Financial Times

Image Source: Financial Times

“Lt Gen McMaster warned of the ‘fallacy’ of believing such technology could compensate for boots on the ground. He said: ‘Technology is the element of our differential advantage over our enemies which is most easily transferred to our enemies. . . Our power comes from combinations of well-trained soldiers and teams with a broad range of technologies that can be combined in an operation.’”

Do you agree with the general’s statement? Do you feel that military technology should be a priority that’s only second to a superior fighting force of men and women, rather than machines? Share your thoughts on this issue in the comments.

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