Getting The Army And Its Allied Agencies On The Same Digital Page

The U.S. Army has announced the development of a new network bridging capability that will all the Army, other agencies like the National Guard, and our international allies to smoothly cross-talk across their existing communication systems. Called the Multimedia Gateway, or MMG, this solution has been specially designed to eliminate the need to rebuild a compatible network from scratch and subsequently save the time and energy that would be needed for implementation. In addition to ensuring smoother communication and a more secure network structure, MMG allows for more dynamic access across various personnel.

Innovative system links Army networks with allies, agencies | The United States Arm

“Anyone with a phone, iPad, radio or laptop anywhere could be authenticated and log onto the secure network. So DHS drone images, for example, could be shared with the Guard and the Guard could share its imagery or other content. Even hospitals and fire stations are using MMG, he said, since they’re also an integral part of the first responders. Besides using MMG to communicate with the Department of Defense at JUICE, DHS is learning to monitor its network for attacks by reviewing logs to find peculiar patterns, [MMG contractor Bruce] Oehler said. Attacks can even come from addresses or countries considered normally safe, he said. ‘We know what networks are supposed to be doing so we can detect differences’ in normal traffic and pick out anomalies.”

Are you pleased to hear that MMG could be a solution to multi-network communication for the Army and other essential defense, security and emergency bodies? Tell us what you think of this development in the comments.

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