Fighting Terrorists Or The Third World War: How Should We Focus Our Technology?

It’s not news that 21st century warfare has changed drastically in just the last few decades and even the last few years. The rise of terrorists groups and cyber offenses, coupled with this distribution of military technology and the dilution of a single defensive superpower makes the picture of future warfare far more complex and less a reflection of the past.  Since it’s getting harder to glean lessons from history, how should we prepare our future defenses? As some say we’re in the midst of a new arms race, should we be preparing for more sporadic and widespread conflicts or outright third world war?

THE FUTURE OF WAR | Popular Science

future-soldier-closeupImage Source: Popular Science

“A new arms race doesn’t necessarily mean that war is coming. But in speaking with those who might end up on the front lines of the next great war, from U.S. fighter pilots to Chinese generals to Anonymous hackers, it’s clear that the battles of tomorrow will be very different from those of today. The next war will require innovation in all segments of the military.”

Do you agree with this assessment? What do you think war in the immediate to not-to-distant future could look like? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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