Did Claimed ISIS Affiliates Actually Hack The U.S. Military This Time?

Earlier this week, a hacker group, claiming association with ISIS said it managed to access sensitive information pertaining to U.S. military and government personnel. In the process they also urged terrorists to carry out attacks of certain targets. While the claimed association with ISIS and details of the hacking incident are yet to be confirmed, it’s been reported that the hack, if true could amount to a considerable safety issue.

ISIS Group Claims to Have Hacked Information on U.S. Military Personnel | NBC News

 isisImage Source: Wikimedia

“‘We are aware of the report but cannot confirm credibility at this time,’ a spokesperson for the Department of Defense said in an email. ‘The safety of our service members is always a primary concern.’ The group had previously claimed it hacked American servers and distributed information on military personnel, but analysts believe that claim was overstated, and the information was instead culled from freely available social media accounts, Flashpoint said.”

What are your thoughts on this development? If credible, what action should the U.S. take and what does it mean in the ongoing fight against ISIS and its affiliates?

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